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Functional Medicine of Oregon

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Free Informational Webinar

How It Works

Harness the Power of Your Own Unique Biology

Functional medicine revolves around learning how to reclaim your biology. Aches, pains, chronic illnesses, and other ailments can make life impossible to enjoy. Women, in particular, face a unique set of challenges with their health as they juggle family life, parenthood, careers, and other demands. Functional medicine helps women improve their health by treating the root causes of their complaints and teaching them how to reclaim their biology.

Through the use of biohacking techniques, individualized treatment plans that go beyond just treating symptoms, and guidance from Dr. Thomas, you can learn to harness and reclaim your health, rather than constantly fight against it. After an initial in-depth assessment with Dr. Thomas, you will receive a custom treatment plan aimed at achieving optimal health based on your unique biology, core imbalances, & lab results.

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Functional Medicine

Lack of Energy

Struggling with low energy levels? Dr. Thomas will work with you to regulate & restore your energy levels to help you live your life to the fullest.

Irregular Moods

Anxiety & mood swings can make it difficult to enjoy everyday activities. Dr. Thomas will help uncover & treat the root cause of your mood disturbances.

Difficulty Sleeping

Lack of sleep can impact one’s health dramatically. If conventional methods have failed to help you sleep soundly, functional medicine may be your answer to a sound sleep.

Digestive Issues

Tired of letting digestive problems run your life? Put an end to discomfort & find relief with a customized nutrition & treatment plan when you work with Dr. Thomas.


If you suffer from headaches or migraines & have tried traditional techniques to ease your symptoms with no relief, functional medicine may be the answer you need.

Muscle and Joint Pain

Constant body aches can make it nearly impossible to enjoy work & spending time with one’s family. Functional medicine can have a positive impact on your complaints.

Hormone Imbalances

Whether you are struggling with PMS or have other hormone-related ailments, working with Dr. Thomas on a personalized care plan can help you balance your hormones.

Weight Loss Resistance

Tackling weight loss resistance with functional medicine is a great option for those that have tried to lose weight via traditional methods to no avail. Find out how we can help.

About Dr. Thomas

Dr. Nicole Thomas D.C., MSHNFM, has always had a passion for helping others. She began her career as a massage therapist and quickly found her calling in functional medicine. Her credentials include a Doctorate in Chiropractic, as well as a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine. With a depth of knowledge to draw from, Dr. Thomas will guide you on your path to better health and healing.

The foundation of Dr. Thomas’ treatment approach was influenced not only by her career experience, but also by her own journey with functional medicine. Throughout graduate school and after giving birth, Dr. Thomas struggled to feel well, brushing off aches and pains as her “new normal.” Despite medical tests, bloodwork, and conventional doctors telling her nothing was wrong with her, Dr. Thomas decided to take her health into her own hands. With functional medicine, she was able to regain a level of optimal health and win the constant battles over her biology. She is here to help you do the same.