Dr. Thomas

Dr Nicole Thomas D.C., MHNFM

Licensed Chiropractic Physician
Functional Medicine expert
Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Many people today are suffering from chronic health symptoms that impact their quality of life. These problems are stopping them from being who they truly are and reaching their full potential. My passion is helping people live the lives they want to. I aim to get my clients back to spending time with family, pursuing their dreams, and feeling joy.

When I initially started my career in massage therapy, I knew that was the beginning of my fascination with human biology and health. After several years of helping clients with muscle complaints, I began working for a functional medicine doctor and was blown away by the health transformations I was witnessing. The chronic complaints I had heard from my clients, family, and friends for years were finally addressed successfully. Watching people transform from sick and sad, to vibrant and joyous, was intoxicating. I knew almost immediately that this was the career path I would pursue.

I earned my Chiropractic Doctorate (D.C.) from the University of Western States. I also completed a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (MSHNFM). In June of 2016, I completed the Institute for Functional Medicines AFMCP course.

Not only is functional medicine my passion, but it has also helped me on my own journey to healing. My health complaints began in middle school, persisted all the way through graduate school, and worsened after the birth of my son. I had trouble sleeping, experienced headaches, anxiety, painful menstrual cycles, and had difficulty losing weight, despite regular exercise and following a whole foods diet.

Once I had finally had enough, I decided it was time to try functional medicine for myself. The personal transformation I experienced incentivized me to dedicate my career to the practice. Fatigue, headaches, mood issues, sleep problems, sore muscles, sore joints, and digestive issues are no longer a consistent part of my life — and they shouldn’t be a consistent part of your life either.

To help you reach your goals, my approach is to create a health partnership. Every person is unique and requires tailored treatment to get them where they want to go. Your health plan is created based on your individual story, your specific goals, and your objective lab results. By correcting underlying imbalances in your biology and removing or improving the lifestyle factors that are perpetuating them, we can create true and lasting health.

I am grateful and excited that I have the opportunity to help others navigate a path towards optimal health and a vibrant life. I look forward to meeting you and consider it the greatest honor to witness your future health transformations.

Dr. Nicole Thomas